Geoff Metcalfe will continue to spin lies amid the disappearance of his ex-wife – but is the game finally up for him on Coronation Street?

His fury, however, is channelled towards his daughter-in-law after he discovers how she has gone behind his back.

How will Tim react to his father’s fury?

Meanwhile, a marriage could lie in tatters as the chemistry between two exes becomes undeniable.

Here’s what’s happening on Coronation Street next week…

Gary and Sarah ‘set for explosive affair’

Gary Windass and Sarah Platt look set to embark on an explosive affair as she covers for his murder.

The pair have been rousing suspicion from their loved ones ever since he risked his life to save her from a racing car – with a number of things not quite adding up.

Sarah (Tina O’Brien) lied after she was asked why she had been running away from Gary (Mikey North) at the time, and insisted that she had just been walking fast and he had tried to catch up with her.

Despite finding out about the murder, the chemistry between Sarah and Gary had clearly been reignited.

Adam discovers that the watch that Bernie had found in the wood had Rick’s name etched onto the back of it.

Adam confides in Imran about what he has realised and that he is even more convinced than ever that Gary murdered Rick.

And when Craig returns her bag from the accident scene, Sarah is caught out when Adam catches her handling the watch.

Adam demands that she tell him everything that she knows about Gary and Rick, and she reluctantly tells him that if Gary did murder Rick, it was to protect her and her family.

How will Adam react?

Later in the week, Maria excitedly prepares for her wedding with Emma and Carla.

Audrey is forced to pull out of attending the wedding after suffering a stomach bug, so Maria asks David to witness her wedding instead.

Meanwhile, Gary calls in at No. 8 to question Sarah on what she told Adam.

Sarah insists that she didn’t tell Adam anything, but that he believes that she’s still in love with Gary.

The atmosphere between the pair becomes electric… will sparks fly between them again?

Alya takes drastic action against Geoff as Elaine feared dead

Alya Nazir will take drastic action to get Geoff out of her life – but it could have a big implications for someone else on the street.

Last month on the first day of her trial, Alya’s grandmother Yasmeen suffered a heart attack and is continuing to recover in hospital.

Amid the trauma was some hope though, as Geoff’s ex-wife Elaine arrived and revealed she would support Yasmeen in court – confirming herself as another victim of his abuse.

She was revealed to be his first wife, real name Phillipa, and the real mother of Geoff’s son Tim.

But this week fans were left fearing he had killed her after a sinister showdown, that led to her disappearing.

In upcoming scenes, she remains nowhere to be found with Alya concerned for her safety.

Fearing for Yasmeen’s future, as some residents continue to believe Geoff’s lies that he was the victim of abuse, she takes action.

With Elaine now gone, she decides she has to stay away from Geoff and feels the time is right to sell her half of the family restaurant.

She doesn’t want to face him every day a moment longer, but Sally Metcalfe has another suggestion.

Sally, Geoff’s daughter-in-law, continues to support Yasmeen over him, and encourages Alya to buy out Geoff.

She offers her the wedding money for her and Tim given to them by Geoff, knowing full well it was Yasmeen’s savings.

But Geoff refuses to let Alya buy him out, enjoying the fact she is struggling with him being there.

It’s then that she drops the bombshell that Sally was going to give her the money to pay him…

Geoff threatens Sally after she uses his money to help Alya

Geoff is furious over Sally’s betrayal and rushes over to tell Tim.

Later, Sally apologises to Tim for giving Alya the money without talking to him but assures him that they can still afford the wedding.

Coronation Street

But Geoff spitefully tells Sally that Tim will always choose him over her because blood is thicker than water.

Could he ruin Sally’s marriage to Tim?

Leanne supports Steve as he buckles under the stress

Steve is on edge next week as he continues to worry about Oliver and calls into the café for a sausage barm.

However, Steve is furious when Nina tells him that they are having a veggie day.

Steve storms out and returns with a packet of pork sausages.

Leanne later enters the café to see Steve protesting about the lack of meat, however she quickly realises that he is relieving stress and ushers him out.

She takes him back to No. 1 and cooks him sausages, telling him that it’s fine to get upset about Oliver.


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