Dances at the festival

Artists from six countries, namely Germany, France, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, and the host Vietnam, will participate in this festival, which is jointly organized by the Network of European cultural institutes and embassies in Hanoi, Goethe Institute, L’Espace, Embassies of Spain and Switzerland in Vietnam, the Youth Theater of Vietnam and Vocational Ballet School of Ho Chi Minh City.

During the festival, Vietnamese and German artists will present their joint performance while two Spanish artists, Cipriano López and Raquel Madrid, will have a performance at the Hoan Kiem (Returned Sword) Lake.

As part of the festival which ends on September 24 in Hanoi and on October 14 in Ho Chi Minh City, three exhibitions themed ‘Dance and Conformations’ will take place, bringing audiences innovations in space via a number of motion and motionless images.

Translated by Chung Anh