Engineers bring into play glorious tradition

On August 11, the Vietnamese engineer contingent ranked the third in the final round of the contest named “Safe route for engineer units” in the Russian city of Tyumen, after Russian (first) and Belarusian (second) teams.

Furthermore, Vietnamese engineers were presented with the “Best engineering assault group” award.

According to Senior Colonel Nguyen Hong Giang, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Engineer Corps, head of the Engineer contingent, the engineering assault group departed first. All four members of the group had to run 152m, crossing different obstacles, including fences, a suspension bridge, rope walls and the façade of a two-storey house. Landing from a helicopter at a height of 8-10m, Vietnamese engineers conducted various techno-tactical skills as experienced commandos.

Other engineer groups of the Vietnamese contingent crossed a mine field, built a TMM bridge, cleared mine fields and fixed damaged equipment.

With all-out efforts, the Vietnamese engineer contingent achieved their goal in spite of their first participation in the Army Games.

Head of the Vietnamese engineer contingent encouraging participating officers before the competition
The team receives active encouragement from spectators.
Vietnamese team starts the competition.
Crossing obstacles 
Building a TMM bridge
Mine clearance crew performing at the event
Vietnamese engineers presented with the “Best engineering assault group” award
The happiness of the Vietnamese team

Tank contingent: promising to advance to the final round

In the first round of the semi-finals named “Relay Race” of the “Tank Biathlon” event on August 11 at the Alabino training ground in Russia, the Vietnamese tank contingent ranked the first among four teams of Group 2, including Myanmar, Tajikistan and Uganda, after finishing the test in 2 hours, 44 minutes and 27 seconds. It was followed by Uganda with a result of 3 hours, 2 minutes and 39 seconds.

During the round, the third crew of the Vietnamese tank contingent, including head of the crew – Captain Nguyen Kieu Hung, gunner – non-commissioned First Lieutenant Phan Anh Tuan and driver – non-commissioned Second Lieutenant Hoang Manh Tuan, outstandingly eliminated 14 out of 24 targets and crossed difficult obstacles, including a ford and a escarpment.

In this semi-final match, three crew-members of the Vietnamese tank contingent were required to hold firm stance, good coordination and swiftness.

The possibility of advancing to the final round for the Vietnamese tank contingent depends on the results of the competition among the four other teams of Group 2 from Uzbekistan, Laos, Cuba and Kuwait on August 13.

Impressed with the good performance of the Vietnamese tank crew-members, Maksim Alekseev, a Russian national living near the Alabino training ground, said that the Vietnamese tank contingent’s competition in the semi-final match was impressive. “Vietnamese crew-members showed off their good skills in shooting and obstacle-crossing exercises. I wish them success and high results,” he said.

Vietnamese tank crew crossing obstacles 
Vietnamese team performing at the event
Gunner – non-commissioned First Lieutenant Phan Anh Tuan hitting the target 
Spectators encouraging the Vietnamese team
Tanks speeding up to reach the finishing line

Vietnamese snipers surpass set targets

In the second round “Pair contest” of the “Sniper Frontier” competition from August 9 to 11, Vietnamese snipers competed with their strong and experienced rivals.

During the round, snipers performed seven shooting exercises, requiring accuracy, professional competence, and fast shooting speed.

Although Vietnamese snipers tried their best, they failed to make a breakthrough because other rivals with more experience had hit five targets in just 17 seconds, much faster than the required time of five minutes.

After the competition on August 11, four teams from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and China will advance to the next round of the contest.

On August 13, eight teams in the “Pair contest” will cross obstacles, fire at targets and throw grenades to entertain spectators and defense attachés.

Although the Vietnamese team could not go further, they exceeded the targets set by the training board.

Vietnamese snipers competing in the second round

Reported by My Hanh and Vuong Thang from Russia and Belarus

Translated by Mai Huong