Over the past time, the Engineer Corps has developed and proposed a training program to the General Staff of the Vietnam People’s Army and the Ministry of National Defense. They have directed its affiliated units to organize training courses for Vietnamese engineers and as a result all of the unit’s troops have completed the plan’s requirements.

General Phung Si Tan inspected the preparation work for the deployment of Vietnamese engineers to the UN peacekeeping mission at the Engineer Corps.

Addressing the event, General Phung Si Tan acknowledged and praised the achievements of the Engineer Corps, especially the responsibility and great efforts of its Vietnamese engineers to the United Nations Mission.

He asked the unit’s commander to direct its affiliated units to organize training courses for their troops, effectively use new military equipment, and continue to exchange experiences on deploying UN peacekeeping operations with other countries.

Regarding the recommendations and proposals of the Engineers Corps, he will assign the functional agencies to review and submit them to the General Staff for approval.

Translated by Lam Anh