Rita Tanner LIED to her doctor in tonight’s Coronation Street and failed to reveal she is suffering from memory loss.

The Kabin owner admitted to best friend Norris that she lied about being on medication that is causing her worrying symptoms.

He encouraged her to visit the local GP, where she claimed the problem was not being able to get to sleep.

However, despite the bombshell, there was another issue that managed to get Corrie viewers in a frenzy.

Fans of the ITV soap were more shocked she got a weekend appointment within minutes of calling the medical centre.

Norris, who told Rita he was only “badgering” her because he cares, told her to book the appointment despite the short notice.

And surprisingly, despite the state of the NHS, the cobbles favourite managed to be seen within minutes.

Rita apologised for bothering the practise doctor at the weekend, but she was more than happy to help.

When asked what was wrong, Rita said: “Nothing really, it’s just I’ve been experiencing a few problems. Well not problems exactly. I’m having trouble…”

After a long pause, she added: “The thing is, I’m having trouble – sleeping. Just can’t get to sleep.”

A distraught Rita, who earlier claimed she didn’t want to be a “burden”, was on the verge of tears as she trundled out of the medical centre.

Rita told Norris she went shopping as “retail therapy” and that she had some tests done, but failed to mention she lied to the doctor.

Corrie viewers took to Twitter after seeing Rita lie to talk about her appointment.

One viewer said: “There is no crisis in the #NHS . Rita just got a weekend appointment at her GP surgery within minutes in #Corrie . We can all stop panicking.”

Another added: “How the hell has Rita got a weekend appointment with her GP? Impossible! #Corrie

A third said: “I can’t get an appointment in a sleepy town doctors on a weekday!….& here’s Rita….straight in on a Sunday!!! #Corrie #coronationstreet

The rollercoaster ride of Rita is about to plunge to a shuddering new low that will leave viewers in tears.

Fans have laughed and cried in equal measure over the years at the fortunes of redhead Rita – played by the legendary Barbara Knox.

And recently her on-screen foster daughter warns fans to have tissues at the ready for heartbreaking scenes which will see Rita rushed to hospital with her life in jeopardy.

In an exclusive interview, Sally Ann Matthews, who plays Jenny Bradley, says the episode will show Barbara at her brilliant best.

She told the Sunday People : “On Friday, Twitter will go crazy. The rest of the following week, Twitter will go crazy. The Save Rita campaign will be putting out more badges, they’ll be shouting from their windows in droves. Just get lots of Kleenex. And wine.”

Last week rumours circulated that the long-running character, who has been showing signs of dementia, would be killed off.

That sparked a Save Rita campaign, with fans pleading with show bosses not to get rid of the Corrie favourite.

Sally Ann, 46, hinted we could know the answer by Friday.

She said: “It’s a storyline that Barbara is so deserving of. It’s been so well thought out and Barbara’s been very involved.

“She is a fantastic actress and consummate professional. The emotional stuff is very easy to play with Barbara. They are going to be tugging at your heart strings.

“She has worked her backside off on it and it’s amazing that she’s 84 and she’s worked such long days. Producers were saying to her ‘We’ll just do this bit’ and she’d go ‘Just give me more.’ I think it’s amazing and brilliant.

“As it was with Bill Roache when Ken Barlow got pushed down the stairs, to have two actors who have been in the show forever, who are in their mid-80s, to be carrying ITV’s flagship show is exceptional. They do a sterling job.”

Rita’s collapse will throw Jenny’s upcoming wedding to Johnny Connor (Richard Hawley) in jeopardy.

They are due to marry in a double ceremony with Eva Price (Catherine Tyldsley) and Johnny’s son Aidan (Shayne Ward).

But worried Jenny refuses to leave Rita’s hospital bed.

Will Rita really be killed off?

* Corrie continues on Monday on ITV at 7.30pm